As in June 1999, there are 42 guests residing in the NJCT Home -- eleven couples, fourteen single women, and six single men. There are three engineers, three bankers, four accountants, and four private sector executives. There are four government pensioners. Some of the women are from the families of professionals and bank officials. One of them is a retired headmistress.. These are men and women of the middle class, professionals and their families, who have lived well and with pride. When age catches on them and inflation erodes their resources, they increasingly face the problem of daily life and maintenance of minimum standards. The agony of scaling down needs, contracting resources, and the fatigue of physical aging are faced by them. NJCT presents a solution for the aged -- life with DIGNITY and PEACE, freedom from anxieties. The NJCT Home is maintaining standards for admission and secures participation of the guests in running the Home.

NJCT believes with Longfellow:

" Age is an opportunity no less Than youth itself,

though in another dress,

And as the evening twilight fades away

The sky is filled with stars invisible by day. "