NJCT is a non-profit public service organisation. NJCT’s financial policy accepts that philanthropy has a role to play in founding and running the Model Home, as the middle-class people do not have adequate means to afford a medium level of retired life, making full payment of costs involved. NJCT has set a minimum standard that covers the necessities of the middle-class seniors and some components of comforts to give a flavour to life. NJCT aspires that resource constraints shall not force a scaling down of set standards in this Model Home. Philanthropy and charity have indeed an important role to play in this pioneering work. NJCT wishes to confer Dignity and Peace to the resident guests be inviting their financial and other participation.

The Founding Trustees have donated the land and significant funds for the project and provided the expertise and leadership for the project conception and implementation. NJCT has established special funds for specific purposes so that further support and expansion of services to resident seniors could be considered.

The funds open for liberal contributions are:

* HEALTH FUND -- To finance the running costs of the Clinic, Medical and Health services; and to establish a geriatric ward if necessary.

* TEMPLE FUND -- To organise prayers and special festivals, lectures and bhajans.

* LIBRARY FUND -- To expand and modernise the library services with audio-visual and other aids and to promote intellectual activities.

* FOOD FUND -- To subsidise the food supply to the resident guests in the context of inflation.

* MAINTENANCE FUND -- To carry out periodic maintenance and repairs of NJCT structures. All donations in Indian rupees are eligible for Sec 80-G Indian Income Tax benefits