Non-Resident Indians have special problems in taking care of their seniors. NRIs need proper Homes where their seniors could be lodged with comfort. The NJCT Home has established certain standards of facilities that will answer the needs. As in January 1999, there are six NRI dependents/parents living in the NJCT Home.

Some philanthropists among the NRIs may like to contribute to the public services offered by NJCT to the seniors and the retirees in need of assistance. As a convenience to such donors, NJCT has arranged a US tax rebate facility with the India Development & Relief Fund. Donations SPECIFICALLY MARKED for NJCT have to be sent to the India Development & Relief Fund (Dr.Vinod Prakash), 5821 Mossrock Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852-3238 USA [Phone: (301) 984 2127] under advise to NJCT. Then US tax rebate is then arranged.