NJCT was established to implement certain Hindu ideals. It is the duty of every Hindu to repay the debt to the society to which he belongs by contributing and sharing his intellectual and material wealth. To translate this precept into action, Dr.Srinivasan started two Trusts to serve the society: the First Public Protection Trust, to germinate professional ideas and solutions, and make them available to society for solving various national problems; and the Naya Jyoti Charities Trust to find a model solution to the social problem of maintenance of seniors in their retired life. The NJCT Home is a dream of the Founding Trustees -- Chairman, Dr.M.S.Srinivasan and his wife Mrs. N.Srinivasan. With support from other Trustees and philanthropists, the dream has been given shape and is functioning to serve the needy seniors.

Upon completion of the Project, the press reported: "The Naya Jyoti Charities Trust has established an old age home at Panayur, near Chennai (Madras) which offers all facilities for those used to a certain standard of living.... A fine location near the sea, excellent food, comfortable rooms, medical and recreational facilities keep the residents happy."- P35 AGEING - Hindu Folio 26 October 1998.

"The motto of NJCT is 'Dignity and Peace' and true to its motto it envisages a dignified and peaceful existence for our senior citizens in the evening of their life." - TOWARDS BLISSFUL TWILIGHT YEARS , Hindu, 11 September 1998.

"There is a bridge between Time and Eternity, And this bridge is the Spirit of Man. Neither Day nor Night crosses that bridge, Nor old age, nor death, nor sorrow". -- Upanishad

"As for old age, embrace it and love it. It abounds with pleasures if you know how to use it. The gradually declining years are among the sweetest in a manís life". - Seneca