IDEAL:NJCT believes that life is to be lived well at all ages, and this has to be facilitated through optimum care and extension of help to the elders in the twilight years of their lives, through supportive and self-help systems. NJCT has a still wider perception of old age and the needs of the seniors.

PIONEERING WORK: NJCT is a pioneering work devoted to the development of an environment wherein the seniors can feel the meaning and fulfillment of their life in old age, the happiness of their existence, in the peaceful surroundings, in the lovable company, and in the flow of the mutual human feeling of regard and respect. The NJCT project provides for meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the seniors. This development is achieved by the practice of the precept: Service to humanity is service to God.

SOWING THE IDEAL: NJCT contributes to stimulate happiness and to awaken the souls. The strings of the heart are tuned to vibrate with positive responses. The seed that is sown in the heart is a question:"What shall we do to make my needy brothers and sisters happy?", and not "What shall we extract from them before the ebb of their lives?"We are happy to report that in over two years of our operation, there is proof enough that the seeds have sprouted into the development of this ideal within NJCT: 'One good soul can generate a flow of positive responses towards goodness in the other souls falling within the span of radiance!' This is the value system to which we address ourselves and strive to translate into action and set an example as a model - an optimum solution to the social problems faced by the elders in our society.

NEW LIGHT: Naya Jyoti means new light -- let us light new lights and make life meaningful. That the project was completed in four years (ahead of the schedule) is proof enough that the people are with us and they have been touched by the ideals of the project. We are grateful to them and we send our greetings to all of them.